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Invaluable Skills Learned Through Dance

Actualizado: 14 mar

Punta y Taco is a place where you can develop the skills you need to further your career.

Here's what I mean:

  • You can go far with hard skills, but you'll eventually hit a ceiling without the right soft skills.

  • Furthering your career means overcoming impostor syndrome, improving your comms skills, and having a growth mindset.

If you don't understand how your subconscious can play against you, it will hinder your career instead of helping it. The same goes for your work relationships. A professional career depends as much on those as it does on the job itself. Build to build strong relationships, you need confidence. So how do you develop it?

You must find an environment that encourages growth.

In Punta y Taco I had the freedom let go my fears and start my dancing lessons. By now this is not just once a week stuff, but a hobby that brought a whole new world for me. Dancing trains your body and your mind, and it's fun too! Dancing is for everyone, regardless of how good you think you are at it. Mind and body in sync, teaching yourself new movements and new pathways. Unlocking one door after another.

At Punta y Taco I fell in love with dancing, I could make a habit of it. It's what helps me grow. It's what makes me not just better at my job, but a better human being too.

Shout-out to my beloved dancing teachers Jorge Orozco and Gloria Flores.

Blog by:

Maria Fernanda Roa Murcia

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